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On this page you may search through all Verdi opera recordings in these databases, looking for individual singers like Agostino Lazzari, or for conductors like Nello Santi, or for orchestras like New Philharmonia, or for places like San Diego, or for performance dates like 1994/11.
Simply enter your searchterm (without quotes, please!) in the field below.

The search is not case sensitive. Be as precise as necessary (try e.g. "monac" to get Mario Del Monaco, Walter Monachesi or Graziano Monacchesi, but type "del monaco" if you want to exclude other singers - though you will then get the Coro lirico "Mario Del Monaco" as well).

If you want to make a search in which terms are combined, please connect the searchterms you enter in the field below with "+" (again: no quotes!), as e.g. "doming + cabal + liceu", or "casa + radva + wien", or "san fran + bergonzi", or "1974/11 + cobos". When searching for dates, be careful to add a slash e.g. after the year 1974 because otherwise any data set will show up in which the string "1974" occurs [e.g. Memories 21974 (2CDs)].

The results will be shown on this page, below. A click on any of the entries found to select it, and then on button "Show details" will show the individual recording. Press "Back" on your browser to come back to this page. Good luck!