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Frequent visitors to my site may find it helpful to know which changes are included in an update, so that you don’t have to browse through all the data pages of a given opera in order to find it out for yourselves. From July 2003 onwards, the updates will be described on this page. I cannot guarantee that every detail will be as meticulously recorded as you might expect (sometimes updates consist of simple corrections only, like the spelling of names); however, I will make a serious effort to indicate at least those changes which are more important.



Audio Files


A new Ballo recording (no. 62); a new Nabucco (no. 21); a major cast correction (Macbeth no. 28); some new private acquisitions (marked*); a few corrections with regard to casts, and a few additions of new labels to recordings already on the market.



A new date and label for Aida cond. Capuana, with Curtis Verna, Dominguez, Borsò, Bastianini (was 1954, now 1952); a new Aida (live from Parma 1988); a new Alzira (live from NY Carnegie Hall 2003); a new Attila (live from NY Carnegie Hall 2003); a new Due Foscari (live from Bruxelles 2003); two new Luisas (live from Amsterdam 1997, London 2003); two new Macbeths (live from Philadelphia 2003, Amsterdam 2003); a new Nabucco (live from New Orleans 1978); two new Otellos (live from Paris 2001, Orange 2003); a new Requiem (live from Friedrichshafen 1977); a new Rigoletto (live from Wien 1974); a new Trovatore (live from Munich 1992); quite a few new private acquisitions (marked*); a few corrections with regard to casts, and a few additions of new labels of recordings already in the discography.



A new recording of Aida from Wien (1964/06/14 no. 56 in the list); a new entry for Attila under the date of 1987/02/21 (live from Venezia); a new recording of Un Ballo in maschera, live from London (1971/02/17); three new recordings of Don Carlo, one from Sofia National Opera in Bulgarian (1960/11/16 live), the next from Salzburg (1976/07/26), the third from Stockholm (1999/2000 live); a new entry for I Due Foscari, live from La Scala (1988/01/12); a new Lombardi from San Diego (1979/06/22 live); a new Macbeth from Sofia, again in Bulgarian (1974/6/3 live), and a second live performance of this opera from Barcelona (1997/03/05); a new Nabucco, live from Sofia (1968/5/28 in Bulgarian); a Rigoletto in Bulgarian from Ruse Opera (1957/ live); a new entry for the French version of Verdi’s Trovatore, Le Trouvère (live from Tulsa, 1990/11/03), and a new Trovatore (2001, live from Mannheim); information about a cut in the Ernani recording from London (2000/05/13); important information about major cuts in a Jérusalem recording sold by House of Opera on the internet, without indicating the abridgement (1998/03/08 from New York); important information about major cuts in a Nabucco recording sold by House of Opera on the internet, without indicating the abridgement (1996/07/21 from Verona).
And, as in previous updates, a few new private acquisitions (marked*), a few corrections with regard to casts, and a few additions of new labels of recordings already in the discography.



Mainly legal and technical stuff. Legal: as new German legislation forbids links to websites with illegal content, I have removed all explicit references to URLs with homepages where recordings are offered which infringe on copyright. Technical: an earlier update had suppressed all hyphens – they are back again!
Two new recordings of Aida, one from Verona (1986/07/18), another one from Portsmouth (2002/07/26 live Todi Music Festival in Virginia); an Attila performed by the Opera Company of Philadelphia (1978/04/11); an Ernani not catalogued hitherto, live from Parma (1963/12/26); two Trovatore recordings from Florence (2003/09/09) and from Paris (2003/11/12).
As always, new asterisks distributed throughout the discography meaning that I spent more money on my own collection.
More new recordings in the next update, probably 02/2004.



The update includes quite a few new recordings, though not yet all which have come to my notice. "House of Opera" have announced an enormous amount of new releases; however, my sad experience with them is that it is often difficult to trace their dates of performance and casts so that I have made it a habit of checking their meagre references carefully before publishing any of their new additions to their catalogue. It therefore may take some time before they eventually appear in this discography.

This month's additons include nine new recordings of Aida of which many came to my notice by kind reference of Prof. Carlo Marinelli, I.R.T.E.M. Rome: 1964/04/21 live Cleveland; 1964/10/24 live Oslo, in Norwegian; 1973/04/12 live London; 1974/ live Orlando; 1976/10/22~25 live New York; 1979/10/16 live London (in English); 1981/05/29 live München; 1999/06/ live St Petersburg White Nights Festival; 2001/01/28 live Wien. Apart from Aida recordings, there is a new one of Ernani from Trieste (1979/03/11), and another one from New York (1983/12/03); two new releases of I Lombardi, one from Bilbao (1976/03/31), another one from Sao Carlos in Lisbon (1987/11/27); a Macbeth from New York (1984/02/16); a new Otello from Florence (2003/06/17); a new Traviata, in German (1951/05); a new Trovatore from New York (1983/01/11); and a new Requiem (2003).

I have cancelled two recordings from the discography: the Ballo of 1943 in German published on Eklipse EKR CD30 (originally no. 3 in the Ballo database) which on inspection turned out to be a copy of the Busch 1951 recording with Fehenberger, Fischer-Dieskau, Wegner, and Mödl (now no. 8); and the 1960 Traviata cond. Annovazzi, with Zeani, Savio, Gorin (Joker 1102/3, 2LPs and Musica et Littera 7006/7, 2LPs, originally no. 50 in the Traviata database) which on inspection did not turn out to be a complete recording, but rather an extended highlights production.

In addition, I have corrected and supplemented data with regard to labels and label numbering, and added those recordings which are new in my own collection (* after performance dates). Many thanks to all those who have contributed; their names appear under "Sources" on the respective data pages.



I thought a new update within less than a month necessary because of the many additions in detail and in new recordings which came to my notice. For Aida alone, these resulted in nine new recordings: Montreal 1962/; Stockholm 1966/05/; Fort Worth 1967/12/01; Madrid 1977/05/03; London 1977/06/30; Monte Carlo 1987/11/23; Wien 1995/02/16; Verona 2000/08/26; and Barcelona 2001/05/18.

In addition to data of Aida recordings most of which I owe to the kindness of Professor Marinelli in Rome, you will find new recordings released by House of Opera and Premiere Opera who flood the market with CDs whose sources are often doubtful (House of Opera e.g. begin to sell copies of studio recordings by the big companies). Details about their recordings are hard to come by, and though you may order a complete recording of one opera, you may end up with receiving something fairly different. Very often, both business's information about performance dates, places, and casts defies description.

There is a new Attila in their catalogues from Marseille, 1978/01/; there are nine new recordings of Un Ballo in maschera on their internet pages, from Fort Worth (1970/03/13), Wien (1971/04/01), Hamburg (1975/01/19), Köln (1981/01/14), Wien (1987/05/28), Salzburg (1990/07/28), Barcelona (2000/12/26), Chicago (2003/02/15), and NY Carnegie (2004/03/31); a new Corsaro (NY Carnegie 2004/03/21); quite a few new recordings of Don Carlo, namely 14 (Wien 1967/05/19; Barcelona 1968/11/11; Houston 1969/02/; Macerata 1983/07/30; Wien 1889/10/07; Los Angeles 1990/04/20; Wien 1992/05/19; Wien 1992/05/24; Houston 2001/04/; Hamburg 2001/11/04; Wien 2002/04/08; München 2002/07/11; Philadelphia 2004/01/30; Chicago 2004/04/); an Ernani about which next to nothing seems to be known (1968/09), and two recordings of this opera from well-known sources (Milano 1982/12/07, Rome 1989/03/22); two Falstaff recordings, one from Rome (1989/11/30) and the other one from Lausanne (2002/01/06); a Forza from Hamburg (1971/06/27), and four others, from Barcelona (1979/01/26), the Festival of Ravinia (1979/06/22), München (1992/02/07~09), and Catania (1992/10/31); three new recordings of Luisa, from London (1979/06/), Hamburg (1982/01/03), and München (2001/10/27).

Someone must have donated his or her Otello collection to House of Opera, because their update of December 22, 2003, has more than 180 (!!) new recordings, and though a few of these are excerpts and abridged versions not included here, or simply new copies of performances already on the market, the resulting number of new 'complete' Otellos is of course astonishing (to put it mildly). I cannot give you a list of all these new entries here; suffice it to say that before this update, my Otello list included some 60 complete recordings; after this update they number over 200, so that now recordings of this opera by far exceed the number of recordings of La Traviata which had always been in the lead among Verdi operas, in terms of recorded versions. Where I had to rely on the information of House of Opera alone, I cannot guarantee that the data are correct, I cannot even guarantee that the given performance actually took place. As may easily be gathered from my notes under "Labels" and "Sources", there were so many mistakes with their data (as e.g. Pavarotti for Bonisolli, or Antwerp for Brussels, or 2001 for 1996) that I will continue to disbelieve and to check their casts and dates whenever new information about these performances comes to my notice.

If the number of new entries for Otello does not yet exhaust you, there are also 12 new Rigoletto recordings, from Buenos Aires (1961/06/22), Torino (1969/05/08), Hamburg (1969/06/15), Wien (1973/02/07), Zürich (1992/11/21), Wien (1998/), Jerez (2000/), San Sebastian (2001/08/18), Madrid (2001/10/16 and 2001/10/22), Bristol (2002/06/18), and Milano (2002/11/07); just 3 recordings are new in the database of Simon Boccanegra, namely from Orange (1985/07/13), Copenhaguen (1992/09/01), and Salzburg (2000/04/24); in addition to these, you will find a Stiffelio from Washington DC (2003/06/10); new Traviata recordings come from Los Angeles (1971/08/14) and Philadelphia (1971/11/19), from Bilbao (1977/), München (1985/05/29), London (1996/07/15), and Barcelona (2002/01/12); the six new Trovatore performances were recorded in Mexico (1948/05/25), Montevideo (1964/09/13), Wien (1971/04/11), Zürich (1979/02/17), London (1981/12/22), and Milano (2000/12/07); last but not least there is a new entry for I Vespri siciliani (Wien 2001/09/21).

And, as usual, more asterisks and a number of minor corrections and additions to the labels on which all these recordings appear. Special thanks in the case of this update go to Prof. Carlo Marinelli of IRTEM in Rome who always was and continues to be very generous with information about individual performances, and to Peter Wilms of Brachelen whose vast collection of recordings is a mine of information. My obligation to them is shown in the entries under "Sources"; all mistakes which remain are of course my own responsibility.



Newcomers this month are quite a few releases by Bensar Records of recordings from the Metropolitan Opera House which are available through A Classical Record in New York. The new recordings include:

an Aida from the Met (2001/01/27); two recordings of Un Ballo in maschera, both from the Met (1944/04/22 and 2001/02/10); two Don Carlos, also from the Met (1979/02/24 and 1989/02/11); an Ernani from Vienna (1999/06/05); two performances of La Forza del destino have found their way from the Met onto CDs (1975/03/22 and 1984/03/24); there are two new Otellos (1978/02/04 and 2003/03/22) as well as two Rigolettos (1960/12/31 and 2004/02/07); two more recordings each are added to the lists of Simon Boccanegra (1974/01/19 and 1984/12/29) and La Traviata (2000/12/30 and 2004/03/06), whereas three more came into the database of Il Trovatore (1950 sung in German, a Frankfurt Radio production, together with 2001/01/13 and 2002/12/14, both again from the Met); there is also a new Requiem performed on 30 April 1953 in Paris (ORTF), conducted by Igor Markevitch.

And as always: a few corrections and additions, plus more asterisks indicating the growth of my own private collection.



Most of the new recordings included in this update do again come from one of the two incessant suppliers of the pirate market, in this case Ed Rosen's Premiere Opera (and one of its predecessors, Lyric Distribution).

There is a new Aida (Rome Caracalla 1970/07); a new Ballo in maschera from Vienna (1975/12/02); the Liège Attila (2002/09/26); a Don Carlo from Chicago (1964/11/07) and another one from Amsterdam, according to Nederlandse Radio 4 a live broadcast on 2004/06/19 (but perhaps performed earlier that month, as the broadcast shows clear signs of an editing which cannot be done during live transmissions, e.g. the cutting of applause); a Forza del destino from Genova (1970/05/11); a Giovanna d'Arco from New York City Opera (1966/03/01); a new Luisa Miller recording gives us a performance of that opera in Genova (1972/09/24); a new Macbeth comes from Vienna (1970/09/13); a Traviata from Zürich (1974/03/03); and three Il Trovatore recordings, the Premiere Opera one from Rome (1967), a Ponto release from Amsterdam (1954/10/16), and the commercial Bocelli Trovatore by Decca (2001/08/25-09/02).



The very long delay between this update and the last in June 2004 is due to a major pc crash which I unfotunately experienced in September 2004 and in which I lost all my databases, together with many suggestions and information I had got via emails. Whereas what was on the server was not affected, I had to recover the original databases from friends, in earlier versions, and had to reconstruct what had gone into it in the meantime, from my notes and through additional research. All is well again now, though I may have lost a few of the informations received.

As to less dramatic things: this update adds just a few new recordings, together with the usual corrections of obvious errors and misprints, and the additional asterisk indicating the acquisition of new CDs to my own collection.

The new recordings include one of Un Ballo in maschera from Genève (1946/05/08, with Del Monaco); two new Don Carlos, one from Torino (RAI 1954/06/30) and one from Cleveland (1971/03/06); a new Falstaff comes from Manchester, featuring Ambrogio Maestri in the title role (2003/05/10). Golden Melodram have published La Forza del destino from Edinburgh (1951/08/20), and a Firenze Nabucco comes from the copy machines of Ed Rosen's Lyric Distribution (1959/07/08). Two new Otellos there are, one from Philadelphia (1971/01/05), another one from Düsseldorf published by an otherwise unknown company called Ricardo Productions (1972/11/20). In addition, a new Rigoletto performed in Barcelona (1971/11/11), two new live performances of Traviata in the opera houses of Firenze and Dallas (Firenze 1976/01/18, Dallas 2004/01/30) and yet another version of Il Trovatore (Amsterdam 2001/10/22-23) may fill the shelves of Verdi maniacs.

There is also a deletion: I had to cancell the entry for La Forza del destino of 13/11/1971 in Barcelona conducted by Ino Savini: Arkadia 499.1 is “selection” only on 1 CD, and no complete recording.

The next update will hopefully be as scheduled, at the beginning of April, with a return to routine.



Dear friends of Verdi,

the 'recovery' from the pc crash in September last year took longer than expected. I however hope to be able to return to more regular updates by now; it all depends on the time I am able to invest in searches for new recordings, on the reliability of new data and on the kind of extra research I have to do on such data.

No further complaints, here is the latest update, and it contains a fairly substantial amount of new data. All in all, there are some 160 new recordings, in an uneven distribution with regard to the operas concerned as well as to the venues. Most of the CDs new to 'Verdi's Disco' come from the collection of Alfonso Toimil (operalovers.ca) whose website I found by mere chance.

The new recordings are the following:

Aida (10 new recs.) RAI Roma 1960/09/30; Las Palmas 1974/03/18; Salzburg 1979/07/26; New York 1979/12/15; Verona 1981/07/18 (or 24 or 28 or 31, all performances with identical casts); Chicago 1983/09/23; Milano 1985/12/07; New York 1985/01/03; Houston 1987/10/14 (date: 30th October?); New York 1989/01/97.

Attila (6 new) Madrid 1976/04/13; Chicago 1980/11/04; Verona 1985/08/14~17~22; Milano 1991/ ; Genève 1992/06/27; Venezia 2004/03/26.

Un Ballo in maschera (11 new): Tokyo 1967/09/10; New York 1968/04/06; New York 1970/11/24; Torino 1973/11/27; Madrid 1974/05/30; Chicago 1976/10/13; Paris 1978/04/27; New York 1983/12/19; Genève 1984/01/24; Chicago 1986/11/14; New York 1991/01/26.

A single Battaglia di Legnano from Milano (RAI 1973/12/18), and a single Corsaro from Parma 2004/06 (the soundtrack of a video/DVD).

Don Carlo may have gained a higher standing among audiences and in the theatre, as there are 16 new recordings of performances and of studio productions in Hamburg 1953 (in German); in Lisbon 1964/04/05; New York 1971/10/11; Barcelona 1971/12/25; Madrid 1976/04/26; Wien 1976/09/01; New York 1980/02/21; Barcelona 1982/11/11; New York 1983/03/26; Bruxelles 1983/11/13; New York 1984/04/21; London 1985/ (live, soundtrack?); Milano 1992/12/07; Chicago 1996/09/23; Orange 2001/08/14; and in Wien 2004/10/18 (French version).

There is a single new I Due Foscari from Napoli 2000/11/08, and two more Ernani’s from Roma 1978/04/11, and from Dallas 1981/12/18.

New Falstaffs (9) come from New York 1964/03/21; RAI Torino 1966/07/08; Wien 1979 (soundtrack video); Salzburg 1981/07/26; London 1982/07/09 (again a soundtrack); Wien 1983/02/02; Chicago 1985/04/25; New York 1992/10/10; and London 2004/05/17+20+23.

La Forza del destino has received 9 new entires: Barcelona 1971/11/13; New York 1972/02/12; Wien 1974/12/29 (rather 09/29?); New York 1977/03/12; Toronto 1987/09/17; Chicago 1988/01/16; Paris 1990/04/13; New York 1996/03/16; Petersburg 1998/ (soundtrack video).

There is one new entry for both Giovanna d’Arco (Montpellier 1988/07/22) and I Lombardi (New York 1993/12/21), whereas for Luisa Miller, five new recordings were added to the database: Barcelona 1972/01/26; New York 1982/01/23; Barcelona 1983/02/21; Genève 1993/02/13; and Napoli 2001/06/15.

The Amsterdam performance of Jérusalem (2005/01/22) is already available in some internet shops.

For Verdi’s Macbeth, eleven entries had to be added: Cincinnati 1961/07/13; New York 1964/04/28; Barcelona 1968/11/14; New York 1973/02/03; Trieste 1973/11/06; Chicago 1981/11/28; New York 1982/12/18; Philadelphia 1983/10/08; Berlin 1987 (S) (soundtrack video); Roma 1995/03/14; Milano 1997/12/16.

I found two new recordings of I Masnadieri (Sydney 1980/07/08 and Wien Konzerthaus 2003/11/27), and five for the old ‘warhorse’ Nabucco: Parma 1979/01/01; Verona 1981/07/26~08/01; San Francisco 1982/06/20; Barcelona 1984/03/28; Chicago 1997/09/20.

Otello already has the greatest number of entries in my database, even more than the trio popolare, and 12 more were added since the last update; re-unification made an Otello recording from Leipzig available (in German, 1954); other new recordings of live or studio performances come from New York 1972/12/09; New York 1973/06/20; New York 1978/09/25; Houston 1979/10/18; Barcelona 1983/03/16; Chicago 1985/09/21; New York 1988/02/27; New York 1995/10/13; Madrid 1999/11/16; Vilnius 2001/01/25; and again Chicago 2001/09/22.

Clearly in the lead with regard to new entries is, however, Rigoletto, with recordings ranging from 1947 to 2004 (18 new); they are from San José 1947/09/20; Milano 1955/02/26 (RAI); Barcelona 1966/12/18; Verona 1966/07/23; Madrid 1971/06/10; Chicago 1976/10/27; München 1977/02/25; New York 1977/12/03; Wien 1978/03/10; Chicago 1979/10/12; Genève 1981/03/23; Frankfurt/M 1982/05/22; Wien 1983/03/16; New York 1985/04/06; New York (NYCO) 1988/09/21; Madrid 1989/03/08; Bruxelles 1999/06/; Barcelona 2004/12/23.

There are 7 new Boccanegras: a Simon Boccanegra from New York 1968/12/14, and others from Madrid 1969/05/29; Chicago 1979/11/03; München 1981/02/09; New York 1986/03/15; New York 1995/01/26; New York 1999/02/06.

The only new entry for Stiffelio (London 1993/) may be a soundtrack of a video.

La Traviata comes with 14 different casts from Barcelona 1967/11/07; New York 1969/06/27; Barcelona 1973/12/06; Lisboa 1974/04/24; Frankfurt 1976/04/15; Madrid 1977/06/26; New York (NYCO) 1978/02/26; San Francisco 1980/10/17; New York 1981/03/28; Venezia 1992/12/15; Chicago 1993/09/18; Genève 1995/12/09; New York (NYCO) 2004/10/16; and Venezia 2004/11/14.

The nine new entries for Il Trovatore include a hitherto unknown recording of Jussi Björling as Manrico which comes from the archives of the Royal Opera Stockholm and is available on the Swedish label Caprice (Stockholm 1957/01/26); another interesting newcomer is a performance from Toronto (1984/10/02), if perhaps only for the beginning of Ben Heppner’s career (as Ruiz). The other Trovatores come from Salzburg (Osterfestspiele) 1977/04/06; New York 1982/02/06; New York 1983/01/08; New York 1987/12/19; New York 1988/10/15; Verona 2004/06/26; and Houston 2005/01/21.

Finally, we have 4 new recordings of I Vespri siciliani in the database, from Newport 1967/08/23; New York 1982/03/20; New York 1982/04/15; and Bologna 1986/ (soundtrack video).

The ‘semi opera’ Messa da Requiem got 8 new entries, namely Salzburg (Osterfestspiele) 1976/04/13; Sofia 1977 (S); Tanglewood 1981/07/11; New York 1982/02/20; Helsinki 1982/ ; Philadelphia 1986/04/05; Berlin 1988/09/30; and Barcelona 1989/05/19.

If you have any of these, may you enjoy them.



New recordings in this update are as follows:

Aida 1956/02/12 Stockholm; Aida 1972/11/24 San Francisco; Aida 1985/11/15 Cincinnati; Aida 2005/01/29 Copenhagen; Attila 1976/12/03 Washington; Un Ballo in maschera 1955 Studio München (in German); Un Ballo in maschera 1977/11/25 San Francisco; Un Ballo in maschera 1983/09/16 Hamburg; Un Ballo in maschera 1986/01/27 Sydney; Un Ballo in maschera 2005/04/25 London; Il Corsaro 2005/05/03 Genova; Don Carlo 1976 Live Wien; La Forza del destino 1951/09/03 Amsterdam; La Forza del destino 2005/06/28 München; Gerusalemme 1965/05/14 München; Giovanna d'Arco 2005/04/08 Ghent; Macbeth 1975/ Live Firenze; Macbeth 2005/06/07 Bologna; I Masnadieri 1982/10/21 Zürich; Nabucco 1961/10/06 San Francisco; Nabucco 2005/07/08 Avenches; Rigoletto 1972/09/21 Wien; Rigoletto 1975/12/15 Live London; Rigoletto 2001/ Live London; Rigoletto 2005/05/17 Napoli; Rigoletto 2005/07/ London; Simon Boccanegra 1971/07/19 München; Simon Boccanegra 1986/03/08 Napoli; La Traviata 1953/10-11 (Studio) Köln; La Traviata 1985/07/07 Hamburg; La Traviata 2004/05/16 San Diego; La Traviata 2005/08/07 Salzburg; Il Trovatore 1957/01/26 Stockholm; Vêpres siciliennes 2003/06/18 Paris; I Vespri siciliani 1955/01 (Studio, in German) Köln; I Vespri siciliani 2004/11/29 New York; Messa da Requiem 2005/01/30 Roma (Parco della Musica).

A loss: I have discarded the 1st entry in the Don Carlo database (1936/02/16 Wien), as Prof. Marinelli in Rome kindly informed me that the EJS 334 record is a selections only, and not a complete recording; see Shaman 1994:303-306.



New recordings in this update are as follows:

Aida 1960/ Live Stockholm (in Swedish and Finnish), Aida 1964/06/09-10 (Studio RAI Venezia); Aida 1966/01/22 New York; Aida 1973/09/08 Tokyo ; Aida 1976/ Live London; Un Ballo in maschera 1938/11/14 Live Berlin (in German, 3 items missing); Un Ballo in maschera 1959/12/26 Roma; Un Ballo in maschera 1966/06/08 Madrid; Un Ballo in maschera 1967/11/26 San Francisco; Un Ballo in maschera 1973/09/12 Wien; Un Ballo in maschera 1974/01/29 Firenze; Un Ballo in maschera 1974/06/17 Hamburg; Un Ballo in maschera 1974/11/27 Los Angeles; Un Ballo in maschera 1976/11/10 Wien; Un Ballo in maschera 1981/ live Houston; Un Ballo in maschera 1983/ Live cond. Gelmetti; Un Ballo in maschera 1994/01/31 München; Un Ballo in maschera 1995/02/11 München; Don Carlo 1971/ Live cond. Gardelli; Don Carlo 1974/09/21 Hamburg; Don Carlo 1979/05/06 Wien; Don Carlo 2005/03/19 New York; Ernani 1978/ Live Dublin; Ernani 1980/ Live Hamburg; Ernani 2005/05 live Parma; Falstaff 1941/04/28 Berlin (Opera di Roma); Falstaff 1950 Studio Köln (in German); La Forza del destino 1972/05/07 Mulhouse; La Forza del destino 1979/11/06 San Francisco; La Forza del destino 2004/11/06 London; La Forza del destino 2005/04/13 Berlin; La Forza del destino 2005/11/20 San Francisco; Macbeth 1966/11/26 Dallas; Macbeth 1972/ Live (Soundtrack DVD?) cond. Pritchard; Macbeth 1977/02/05 Roma; Macbeth 1985/ live München; Macbeth 2004/02/21 Sevilla; Nabucco 1964/10/06 San Francisco; Nabucco 1979/04/16 Hamburg; Nabucco 1981/ live Sydney; Nabucco 1984/05/13 New York Carnegie; Nabucco 2003/04/05 New York; Otello 1955/ Live München (in German); Otello 1967/12/05 Philadelphia; Otello 1969/ live Boston; Otello 1982/03/19 Frankfurt; Otello 2000/05/03 New York (OONY); Otello 2000/11/26 Carrara; Rigoletto 1985/ Live cond. Lombard (?Strasbourg, could be 1981?); Rigoletto 2002/12/20 Genova; Rigoletto 2003/11/18 Firenze; Rigoletto 2005/09/16 Zürich; Rigoletto 2005/10/30 München; Simon Boccanegra 1960/09/27 San Francisco; Simon Boccanegra 1968/10/17 New York; Simon Boccanegra 1974/09/20 Chicago; Simon Boccanegra 1979/ live Sydney; Simon Boccanegra 2003/08/ Santander; Simon Boccanegra 2006/02/05 Hamburg; La Traviata 1966/11/11 Philadelphia; La Traviata 1967/12/30 New York; La Traviata 1984/04/30 Berlin; La Traviata 2004/01/22 München; La Traviata 2006/03/09 München; Il Trovatore 1966/04/12 Hartford; Il Trovatore 1972/ Live Winnipeg; Il Trovatore 1974/ Live cond. Giovaninetti; Il Trovatore 1981/ Live cond. Garcia Navarro; and a single Messa da Requiem 1968/ Live New York.

For the first time, I have also included DVDs which can easily be identified because I have placed a DVD icon behind the performance dates. Of course it will take some time until I have closed the gap between what is already on the market and what is included here. These are the first entries in the database:

Aida 1949/03/26 + 04/02 New York; Aida 1961/10 Tokyo; Aida 1966/08/03 Verona; Aida 1973/09 Tokyo; Aida 1981/11/12+15 San Francisco; Aida 1987/10/30 Houston; Aida 1989/07/19 Verona; Aida 1992/07-08 Roma (Caracalla); Aida 1994/06 London; Aida 1998/12 Napoli; Aida 2001/01/27 Busseto; Aida 2003/07/21+24 Barcelona; Aida 2004/ Live Bruxelles; Aida 2004/07-08 Live St Margarethen; Attila 1987/01 Venezia; Attila 1991/06 Live Milano; Un Ballo in maschera 1967/09 Tokyo; Un Ballo in maschera 1975/02 London; Un Ballo in maschera 1981/ Live Paris; Un Ballo in maschera 1986/04/14 Philadelphia; Un Ballo in maschera 1986/10 Live Wien; Un Ballo in maschera 1990/07 Live Salzburg; Un Ballo in maschera 1991/01 Live New York; Un Ballo in maschera 1992/03/31 Paris; Un Ballo in maschera 1998/11/19 + 21 Santander; Un Ballo in maschera 2001/05 Milano; Un Ballo in maschera 2005/11/26 Leipzig; La Battaglia di Legnano 1999/01/27 Piacenza; Il Corsaro 2004/06/08 Parma; Il Corsaro 2005/02/03 Barcelona; Don Carlo 1982/09 Oviedo; Don Carlo 1983/03/26 New York; Don Carlo 1984/07 Orange; Don Carlo 1985/04 Live London; Don Carlo 1986/03/22 Salzburg; Don Carlo 1992/ Live Bordeaux; Don Carlo 2001/04 Napoli; Don Carlo 2004/06 Amsterdam; Don Carlo 2004/10/18 Wien; I Due Foscari 2000/11 Napoli; Ernani 2000/07 Live Madrid; Falstaff 1956/05/09 RAI Milano; Falstaff 1976/08/14 Live Glyndebourne; Falstaff 1987/07 Live Aix-en-Provence; Falstaff 1999/12 Live London; Falstaff 2001/04/10 Busseto; Falstaff 2001/07 Live Aix-en-Provence; La Forza del destino 1958/03/20 Napoli; La Forza del destino 1978/06 Milano; La Forza del destino 1979/01 Live Barcelona; La Forza del destino 1981/ Live Paris; La Forza del destino 1981/ Live Toronto; La Forza del destino 1992/ Live Napoli; La Forza del destino 1992/09/25 Tokyo; La Forza del destino 1996/08/03 Orange; La Forza del destino 1998/02/28 Milano; Un Giorno di regno 1987/07 Live Livorno; I Lombardi alla prima crociata 1984/04/24 Milano; Jérusalem 1986/01/13 Parma; Jérusalem 2000/12/23 Live Genova; Luisa Miller 1982/02/14 Live Brüssel; Luisa Miller 1986/ live Busseto; Luisa Miller 1997/03/15 Amsterdam; Luisa Miller 2001/11 live Cremona; Macbeth 1972/ Live Glyndebourne; Macbeth 1973/ Live CBC TV; Macbeth 1987/02/26 Bruxelles; Macbeth 1987/06 Live Berlin; Macbeth 1997/12/16 Milano; Macbeth 2001/ Live Zürich; Macbeth 2004/03/30 Barcelona; Nabucco 1979/06 Live Paris; Nabucco 1991/08/23 Verona; Nabucco 1997/05/09 Napoli; Nabucco 1998/03 Live Roma; Nabucco 2000/07 St. Margarethen; Nabucco 2001/04/06 New York; Nabucco 2001/06/09 Wien; Nabucco 2004/ Live Piacenza; Nabucco 2004/06 Live Genova; Otello 1958/10/30 Milano (Rai); Otello 1959/02 Tokyo; Otello 1964/ Stuttgart (in German); Otello 1973/04-05 (Karajan, Studio); Otello 1982/07/11 Verona; Otello 1990/11 Live Paris; Otello 1990/12/02 Bilbao; Otello 1992/10 London; Otello 1994/08/05 Verona; Otello 1995/10 Live New York; Otello 1999/07/17 Macerata; Otello 2001/02/09 Berlin; Otello 2001/12/ Live Milano; Rigoletto 1946/09/15 Roma; Rigoletto 1955/02/26 RAI Milano; Rigoletto 1961/09 Tokyo; Rigoletto 1964/ Live CBC TV; Rigoletto 1977/11/07 New York; Rigoletto 1982/ (Studio Wien); Rigoletto 1987/02 Live Parma; Rigoletto 1988/09/21 New York City Opera; Rigoletto 1996/10/05 Paris; Rigoletto 2001/07/21 Verona; Rigoletto 2001/09/22 London; Rigoletto 2002/08/02 Siena; Simon Boccanegra 1984/12/29 New York; Simon Boccanegra 1985/07 Orange; Simon Boccanegra 1995/01/26 New York; Simon Boccanegra 1998/07 Live Glyndebourne; Simon Boccanegra 2002/06/ Live Firenze; Simon Boccanegra 2006/05/25 Paris; Stiffelio 1993/ Live London; Stiffelio 2000/12 Live Trieste; La Traviata 1957/04/21 Live NBC TV opera production; La Traviata 1973/ Live Berlin (TV DDR); La Traviata 1973/ Live London (BBC, in English); La Traviata 1976/07 Live Aix-en-Provence; La Traviata 1976/08/12 Vienna VA; La Traviata 1993/07/20 Orange; La Traviata 1994/12 Live London; La Traviata 1995/03 Live Madrid; La Traviata 2000/06 Live Paris; La Traviata 2002/02 Live Busseto; La Traviata 2003/07/09 Aix-en-Provence; La Traviata 2003/09 Madrid; La Traviata 2004/11 Live Venezia; La Traviata 2005/ Live Zürich; La Traviata 2005/03/22+26 Madrid; Il Trovatore 1957/05/08 Mailano (RAI); Il Trovatore 1990/06/05 Firenze; Il Trovatore 1978/05/01 Live Wien; Il Trovatore 1983/07/02 Sydney; Il Trovatore 2000/11/07 Mexico; Il Trovatore 2002/ Live London; Il Trovatore 2003/10/21 Paris (Bastille); Il Trovatore 2005/04/05 Bologna; Messa da Requiem 1967/01 Milano; Messa da Requiem 1981/ Live Paris; Messa da Requiem 2001/01/21 London.


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