Sources of Verdi’s Disco

The discography was compiled from a variety of sources, most prominent among them the recordings themselves. As however the dates as well as the casts given by the record companies are more than once wrong, both have been com- pared with and supplemented from the following sources:

Archivio Musicale Teatro Comunale di Firenze


Archivio Musicale of the Teatro Comunale di Firenze/Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
         c/o Luca Logi, Principal Librarian
         Via Faenza, 139/r, I - 50123 Firenze

Bauer 1937


Bauer, Roberto. Historical records. Milano 1937.

Bauer 1947


-----, The new catalogue of historical records, 1898-1908/09. London: Sidgwick &
         Jackson 1947.

Bennett 1981


Bennett, John R. (comp.). Melodiya: a Soviet Russian L.P. discography. Disco-
         graphies 6. Westport & London: Greenwood 1981.

Bielefelder Katalog Klassik


Bielefelder Katalog Klassischer Musik (publ. twice yearly by Vereinigte Motor-
         Verlage  Stuttgart, Germany).

Blyth 1979


Blyth, Alan (ed.). Opera on Records, discographies comp. by Malcolm Walker.
         3 vols. London: Hutchinson 1979-1984.

Bongiovanni Catalogue


Catalogues of Bongiovanni srl.
         Via Rizzoli 28/E, I - 40125 Bologna [not very reliable].

Bontinck-Küffel 1974


Bontinck-Küffel, Irmgard (ed.). Opern auf Schallplatten 1900-1962: Ein histori-
         scher Katalog vollständiger oder nahezu vollständiger Aufnahmen als
         Beitrag zur Geschichte der Aufführungspraxis
. Karlsruhe: G. Braun 1974
         [not very reliable].

Bregenzer Festspiele


Archiv der Bregenzer Festspiele
         c/o Edith Schweitzer,
         Platz der Wiener Symphoniker 1, A - 6900 Bregenz

Carnegie Hall


Archives of Carnegie Hall
         c/o Gino Francesconi,
         154 W. 57th Street, USA - New York

Cd 1990


Catalogue of Compact Discs 1990 (Italy).

Christian 1982


Christian, Hans and Harald Hoyer (eds.). Wiener Staatsoper 1945-1980: Werke-
         statistik - Register
. ?Wien ?1982. [helpful for first night performances only]

Cipriani/Stefanoni 1989, 1991


Cipriani, Nicola and Mario Stefanoni. Verdi dal vivo. Parma: Azzali Editore 1989,
         with add. 1991.

Clough 1952


Clough, Francis F., and G.J. Cuming (comps.). The world’s encyclopedia of re-
         corded music
. Including 1st supplement. London: Sidgwick & Jackson 1952.

Clough 1953


Clough, Francis F., and G.J. Cuming (comps.). The world’s encyclopedia of re-
         corded music, 2nd supplement 1951-1952
. London: Sidgwick & Jackson

Clough 1957


Clough, Francis F., and G.J. Cuming (comps.). The world’s encyclopedia of re-
         corded music, 3rd supplement 1953-55
. London: Sidgwick & Jackson 1957.

Combs, Allan


Allan D. Combs
         Phillips Academy, USA - Andover MA

Del Guidice, Rick


Rick Del Guidice

Deutsche Oper Berlin


Deutsche Oper Berlin
         c/o Alvine Wiedstruck (Dramaturgiehospitanz)
         Richard-Wagner-Straße 10, 10585 Berlin


Dresdner Staatsoper


Dresdner Staatsoper
         c/o Abteilung für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Faw 1982


Faw, Marc Taylor. A Verdi Discography. Norman, Oklahoma: Pilgrim Books

Fellers 1984


Fellers, Frederick P. The Metropolitan Opera on record: a discography of the
         commercial recordings
. Discographies 9. Westport & London: Greenwood

Fitzgerald/Uppman 1989


Fitzgerald, Gerald and Jean Seward Uppman (eds.). Annals of the Metropolitan
         Opera: the complete chronicle of performances and artists
. 2 vols. Boston,
         New York 1989.

Fuller, Joe


Joe Fuller

Girardi/Rossi 1992


Girardi, Michele and Franco Rossi (eds.). Il Teatro La Fenice: cronologia degli
         spettacoli 1938-1991
. Venezia 1992.

Glyndebourne Festival Opera


Archives of the Glyndebourne Festival Opera
         c/o Julia Aries
         GB - Glyndebourne, Lewes, East Sussex BN8 5UU



Gramophone: The Review of New Classical Recordings, vol. 1 (1929) ff, Harrow

Gran Teatre del Liceu


Press Office of the Gran Teatre del Liceu
         c/o Adela Rocha
         Ausias Marc, 56, pral, E - 0810 Barcelona

Gualerzi/Marinelli 1981


Gualerzi, Giorgio, and Carlo Marinelli Roscioni. 50 anni di opera lirica alla RAI
. Torino: ERI/Edizioni RAI 1981.

Hamburgische Staatsoper


Archiv der Hamburgischen Staatsoper
         c/o Barbara Neumann
         Große Theaterstraße 34, D - 20354 Hamburg

H&B Recordings


H&B Recordings Direct
         P.O. Box 309, USA - Waterbury Center, VT 05677

Hessischer Rundfunk 2


hr 2 Wellenleitung
         c/o Angelika Bierbaum
         Bertramstraße 8, D - 60320 Frankfurt

Hunt 1998


Hunt, John. Conductors on the yellow label [DGG]: Lehmann, Leitner, Fricsay,
         Jochum, Ludwig, Rother, Konwitschny, Markevitch
. London: John Hunt


Hunt 2000


-----, Vienna Philharmonic and Vienna State Opera Orchestras, vol. 2: Disco-
         graphy 1954-1989
. London: John Hunt 2000.


Jackson 1992


Jackson, Paul. Saturday afternoons at the old Met: the Metropolitan Opera
         broadcasts, 1931-1950
. London: Duckworth 1992.

Jaklitsch 1991


Jaklitsch, Hans (ed.). Die Salzburger Festspiele, Band III: Verzeichnis der Werke
         und der Künstler 1920-1990
. Salzburg, Wien: Residenz Verlag 1991.

Kelly 1988


Kelly, Alan. His Master’s Voice/La Voce del padrone: the Italian catalogue. A
         complete numerical catalogue of Italian gramophone recordings made from
         1898 to 1929 in Italy and elsewhere by The Gramophone Company Ltd.
Discographies 30. Westport & London: Greenwood 1988.

Kelly 1990


-----, His Master’s Voice/La Voix de son maître: the French catalogue. A complete
         numerical catalogue of French gramophone recordings made from 1898 to
         1929 in France and elsewhere by The Gramophone Company Ltd.
         graphies 37. Westport & London: Greenwood 1990.

Kelly 1994


-----, His Master’s Voice/Die Simme seines Herrn: the German catalogue. A com-
         plete numerical catalogue of German gramophone recordings made from
         1898 to 1929 in Germany, Austria, and elsewhere by The Gramophone Com-
         pany Ltd.
Discographies 55. Westport & London: Greenwood 1994.

Legge 1984


Walter Legge: a discography. Foreword by Elisabeth Legge-Schwarzkopf. Disco-
         graphies 11. Westport & London: Greenwood 1984.

Marinelli 1982


Marinelli, Carlo. Opere in disco da Monteverdi a Berg: discografie di 25 opere e
         di 3 balletti
. Fiesole: Discanto Edizioni 1982.

Marinelli 1983


-----, "Discografia Verdiana (Aggiornamenti 1981-1983)", Studi Verdiani 2
         (1983): 184-208.

Marinelli 1985


-----, "Discografia Verdiana: Aggiornamenti 1984", Studi Verdiani 3 (1985):

Marinelli 1986


-----, "Discografia Verdiana: Aggiornamenti 1985-1986", Studi Verdiani 4
         (1986-7): 230-60.

Marinelli 1988


-----, "Discografia Verdiana: Aggiornamenti 1987-1988", Studi Verdiani 5
         (1988-9): 188-221.

Marinelli 1990


-----, "Discografia Verdiana: Aggiornamenti 1989", Studi Verdiani 6 (1990):

Marinelli 1991


 -----, “Discografia Verdiana: Aggiornamenti 1990”, Studi Verdiani 7 (1991):

Marinelli 1992


-----, “Discovideografia Verdiana: Aggiornamenti 1991-1992”, Studi Verdiani 8
         (1992): 164-90.

Marinelli 1993


-----, “Discovideografia Verdiana: Aggiornamenti 1993”, Studi Verdiani 9 (1993):

Marinelli 1994


-----, “Discovideografia Verdiana: Aggiornamenti 1994-1995”, Studi Verdiani 10
         (1994-95): 186-216.

Marinelli 1996


-----, “Discovideografia Verdiana: Aggiornamenti 1996”, Studi Verdiani 11
         (1996): 259-279.

Marinelli 1997


-----, “Discovideografia Verdiana: Aggiornamenti 1997”, Studi Verdiani 12
         (1997): 177-193.

Marinelli 2002


----- (ed.), Discografia e videografia delle opere di Giuseppe Verdi, 5.1: Aida,
         Roma: Istituto di Ricerca per il Teatro Musicale 2002

Marinelli Roscioni 1987


Marinelli Roscioni, Carlo (ed.). Il Teatro di San Carlo, vol. 2: la cronologia
         1737-1987. Napoli 1987. [not very helpful with reference to casts]

Meurs, Dr. Norbert


Dr. Norbert Meurs
         c/o SWR2 Südwestrundfunk
         D - 76522 Baden-Baden
info@swr2.de                         http://www.swr2.de

Modugno 1989


Modugno, Maurizio. “The discography of ‘Ernani’ 1899-1985”, Verdi: Bolletino
         of the Istituto Nazionale di Studi Verdiani
10 (1989): 280-331 [discography
         proper pp. 303-331].

Morgan, Bill


Bill Morgan
         25 Roosevelt Avenue
         USA - Binghamton NY 13901



Musica: Bimestrale di informazione musicale e discografica, vol. 1 (1977) ff,
         Milano (I).

New Orleans Opera


New Orleans Opera Association
         c/o Angela McDaniel, Director Development & Marketing
         305 Baronne Street, Suite 500, USA - New Orleans LA 70112-1618



Official programmes of performances



Opera Magazine:

Opera Company of Philadelphia


Opera Company of Philadelphia
         c/o Harry W. Saunders
         510 Walnut Street Suite 1500, USA - Philadelphia PA 19106



Operissimo Zürich

Orchestra of the Bellas Artes Theatre


Orchestra of the Bellas Artes Theatre
         c/o José Octavio Sosa, Manager
         Convento del Carmen, Edif. H9, Depto. 102
         Col. Reyes Iztacala, Tialnepantla, Edo. de México, C.P. 54090 México

Opernhaus Zürich


Opernhaus Zürich
         Press Office

Orlandini Catalogues


Catalogues of Orlandini Dischi srl.
         Via Fieschi 37/39 R., I - 16121 Genova



Pagliazzi, Alessandro (Conductor)

Parsifal Records


Catalogues of Parsifal Records
         Bridge Studios, Suite No. 7
         318-326 Wandsworth Bridge Road, GB - London SW6 2TZ
         [company no longer operating]

Parsons 1990


Parsons, Carles H. (ed.). Opera Discography, Composers P-Z. Vol. 11 of The
         Mellen Opera Reference Index. Lewiston/Queenston (USA): Edward
         Mellen Publ. 1990.



Lawrence H. Jones, Proprietor
         Polyphony: Rare classical Recordings, Classical Long-Playing Records
         and Open-Reel Pre-Recorded Tapes
         P.O. Box #515, USA - Highland Park, Illinois 60035

Pugliese 1960


Pugliese, Giuseppe. “La discografia [Un ballo in maschera]”, Verdi: Bolletino of
         the Istituto Nazionale di Studi Verdiani
1 (1960): 157-208 [English and
         German versions ibid. pp. 494-592].

Pugliese 1961


 -----, “La discografia [La forza del destino]”, Verdi: Bolletino of the Istituto
         Nazionale di Studi Verdiani
2 (1961): 177-254 [English and German
         versions ibid. pp. 541-670].

Pugliese 1973


-----, “La discografia [Rigoletto]”, Verdi: Bolletino of the Istituto Nazionale di
         Studi Verdiani
8 (1973): 1015-1037[English and German versions ibid. pp.

Royal Opera House Archives


Archives of the Royal Opera House
         c/o Francesca Franchi
         Covent Garden, GB - London WC2E 9DD

Salzburger Festspiele


Archiv der Salzburger Festspiele
         c/o Prof. Hans Jaklitsch
         Hofstallgasse 1, Postfach 140, A - 5010 Salzburg

Scala Database


The Scala Database

Shaman 1994


Shaman, William, William J. Collins, and Calvin M. Goodwin. EJS: Discography of
         the Edward J. Smith recordings. “The Golden Age of Opera,” 1956-1971
         Discographies 54. Westport & London: Greenwood 1994.

Shaman 1999


-----, William J. Collins, and Calvin M. Goodwin. More EJS: Discography of the
         Edward J. Smith recordings. “Unique Opera Records Corporation” (1972-
         1977), “A.N.N.A. Record Company” (1978-1982), “Special Label” issues
         (circa 1954-1981), and Addendum to “The Golden Age of Opera” series
         Discographies 81. Westport & London: Greenwood 1999.

Steiger 2000


Steiger, Karsten. Opern: Ein Verzeichnis aller Aufnahmen. München: Cormoran
         Verlag 2000.

Teatro Comunale Firenze


Teatro Comunale - Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Archivio Musicale
         c/o Luca Logi, Principal Librarian
         Via Faenza, 139/r, I - 50123 Firenze

Teatro di San Carlo


Teatro di San Carlo, Ufficio Stampa e Relazioni esterne
         c/o E. Felli
         Via San Carlo, 98 F, I - 80132 Napoli

Tintori 1979


Tintori, Giampiero (ed.). Duecento anni di Teatro alla Scala, Cronologia: opere -
         balletti - concerti 1778-1977
.  Gorle: Grafica Gutenberg Editrice 1979 [not
         very helpful with reference to casts].

Vicentini 1982


Vicentini, Mario. “Incisioni Verdiane”, Studi Verdiani 1 (1982): 130-140.

Wilber MetData


Bradley Wilber (comp.)
         Metropolitan Opera Performance Data (1985-2001)
http://www.operaphile.com/metdata.html         bwilber@houghton.edu



Peter Wilms
         Hauptstrasse 52
         D - 41836 Hückelhoven-Brachelen