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About Verdi's Disco

Over the past three decades, I have collected data of complete recordings of Verdi operas and kept building up a small collection. Frustrated with the incomplete data you find in most of the available discographies (they either list only a few recordings, or only the most recent ones, or the ones of the editor's 'best choice', or they give only the main characters of a cast etc.), I have decided in favour of presenting complete casts, and in favour of as much information as I could collect with regard to record labels; I therefore thought it reasonable to dedicate a whole screen page to each individual recording.

My experience is that unless you were on the spot and took your notes while a recording was made, you can never really rely on dates and casts given by record companies; even the big ones will eventually forget a name in a cast, or spell it incorrectly. I have therefore tried to check my data against as many sources as I could lay hands on, the sources ranging from official programme booklets to printed discographies and data published on the Internet. And again the experience is that you cannot rely on the published material - with a few laudable exceptions as for example the discographies of Carlo Marinelli, or the Met performances register by Gerald Fitzgerald and Jean Seward Uppman, or the Scala Database.

Presently, the discography is a set of dynamic data tables (one table for each opera) which offer a number of options to view the data. You may either choose an opera and then scan the recordings page by page, or have a look at a list of several recordings and choose from them; or you may use the search routine included with each opera which offers search for an artist, or a performance date, or a place of  performance - but you can only search for these data in one individual data table, and not within the complete set at the same time. An asterisk after the recording date indicates that I own a copy myself.

I owe Thomas Scherff a special debt of gratitude because he did a great job in programming the php pages which make the databases accessible, and at such short loading times (in case you want to contact him:   scherff@uni-duesseldorf.de, info@web-scherff.de, www.web-scherff.de).  

I have tried my very best to be as reliable as possible, though I do not claim that my discography is much better than any other. If you notice a mistake, I will gladly correct it and mention your contribution under 'Sources'. Any comment or suggestion is also welcome. 

Please use the guestbook, or send your emails to

busse@phil-fak.uni-duesseldorf.de ,

or write to

W.G. Busse
Anglistisches Institut der
Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
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